Crypto exchanges make much noise about their trading volume, the number of pairs you can trade and their liquidity.

#. ExchangePairs *Time (CET - Berlin)
1. Binance .com1812019 08-05 15:20:30
2. DDEX .io102019 08-21 18:53:40
3. Instantbitex .com0 !2019 08-21 18:53:40
4. Bitker .com0 !2019 08-21 18:53:40


*A pair is active if the spread is lower than 2% and the corresponding volume of bids and asks has a worth of at least 500 USD. We do not use trade volume data delivered by exchanges.

– We will add all CMC top exchanges during the next weeks.
– Here you find real time analytics of active traded pairs, spreads and a liquidity ranking for crypto exchanges and top crypto currencies/tokens. You are able to pick the right place and avoid poser exchanges.